Right Build’s Gez Manville will take part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing contest on Saturday night at the Millennium, Copthorne Hotel, Effingham Gatwick.

The concept of white collar boxing is to give people in ordinary jobs the chance to experience proper boxing bouts.

Tickets for the event, which is in aid of Cancer Research, are on sale until tonight and Gez’s supports have contributed £500 to sit on four tables and watch him battle it out in the ring.

“I’m actually fighting someone I know – Ben Jenner, who I used to play football with at Oakwood Football Club,” said Gez, who is the club’s all-time top scorer.

“You get eight weeks training and then they put you in a fight. I’ve been training at the Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Manor Royal under Paulo de Silver.”

While the charity is the organisers’ choice, he said: “I wanted to earn a bit of money for charity. I’ve known friends and family who have had cancer, I think it is a great cause and I thought it was a great thing to do before I got too old.”

Gez does have some previous experience in boxing, but said there is a significant difference between inter-battalion during his Army career from 1997-2002 and this event.

“I had six fights and won two tournaments,” he said. “But that was after a week’s training. I had no skills. If I had come up against someone who had boxed before I would have been annihilated.

“I was super fit and it was more aggression than anything. But now I’ve been learning more skills with WCB Crawley.”

He also represented the Combined Services in athletics and football while in the Army and now, working on maintenance service contracts and individual jobs at Right Build indoors and outdoors, has a physical job, plus he continues to play football with Right Build’s Darren Tidey and his brother Toby at Oakwood.

He has sold £500 worth of tickets on tables, and there are now only standing tickets left at £20 each, which are on sale until tonight through the UWCB website. The event starts at 4pm and Gez is fighting in the third bout.

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