Quite a number of our jobs recently have been refitting kitchens and bathrooms, some for housing associations but many of them for private residential customers.

It was said during the recession that many people were saving their money and not moving house, but doing DIY renovations themselves.

Refitting a kitchen or a bathroom, however, is beyond what many people would consider their own skills, because it involves so many. It sometimes includes building work, but also needs plumbing and electrical work through to the finishes such as flooring and tiling.

You want to get it right of course, because the kitchen is a focal point of your domestic life – and a talking point for the nation if you happen to be David Cameron or Ed Miliband!

Many customers know what they want in terms of equipment such as an oven and even tiles, but they want people with professional skills to install everything, so that it is done to a great finish rather than potentially try, get it wrong and have to call in an expert after all when it goes wrong.

Many of the skills required are trade ones which need precision and care to get them right – and that’s where we at Right Build come in, with our all-round expertise.

We received a lot of orders for kitchens and bathrooms just after Christmas, which is typical when people put the festivities behind them. They start thinking towards summer and having friends round when the weather gets good enough to have parties and social gatherings.

And of course when you have people round, a lot of time is spent in kitchens, making them a focal point for visitors and therefore of the main areas of a house. A kitchen is also often a key access point to a garden, making it an even more key place in the home.

Now we are out of recession, many people are taking the plunge and moving home – and the first room they want to change the look of is the kitchen, because that is where they spend much of their time.

They often budget to not only buy the house but to improve the kitchen immediately.

Many people have an idea of ovens or fridges they want to use and sometimes the cupboards and tiles, but if not we can advise and source them accordingly.

In terms of commercial buildings such as a work place or housing association, a kitchen area can often be part of the communal space, so it is important to get it right and then to maintain it, which we will also do as part of a regular service contract.

So whatever your kitchen requirements, do give us a call on 01293 548311 or email info(@)rightbuildltd(.)com




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