It’s great to be outdoors in summer and for some jobs – like exterior painting – you have to do it when you can guarantee the weather is going to remain over a certain temperature 24 hours a day, because the paint won’t settle properly otherwise.

Many instructions on the product tins tell you this, but you would be amazed how many DIY enthusiasts ignore those instructions, think they can do it in winter and then wonder why the paint is coming off after a year or so, rather than after the several it should last.

However, there are some jobs that us workmen want things to be a bit cooler than last week’s heatwave – like when you are moving huge railway sleepers into place to support a fence.

This plan was the idea of Southern Housing in Brighton.

The garden next to this residential property’s back garden space was sinking because the earth under the patio was slipping.

They had put in a temporary measure and they had agreed with Southern Housing that they wanted a permanent solution, involving railway sleepers and then rebuilding the fencing.

It is a similar principle to putting in steels when you are taking down a supporting wall to knock two rooms into one, for example. This provided a better platform to support the fence.

This is the type of project we can do either as a one off project or as part of a complete maintenance service, using a multitude of trades from plumbing and tiling indoors to bricklaying and garden maintenance outdoors.

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