Right Build’s Gez Manville is considering a second bout in the White Collar Boxing ring, after drawing his fight at the Millennium, Copthorne Hotel, Effingham Gatwick.

Gez, who fought inter-battalion bouts with little training in the Army, was keen to test himself in the discipline.

The event, one of many by WCB across the country, raised thousands of pounds for charity including from 40 people paying £2,000 between them to watch his fight, which was one of 18.

Entering the ring announced as “Mean Machine Manville” the former Crawley Athletics Club competitor faced Ben “undefeated” Jenner, a former team-mate at Oakwood Football Club.

“I was frustrated, because every time I attacked, he was hugging me,” said Gez.

“I think I’m going to do it again and fight someone I don’t know, because it turned into a bit more of a brawl than a boxing match,” he said.

“I’ve fought people I know before. I fought six people (in the Army) and knew most of them, but on this occasion during the fight I just didn’t know how to act.

“I think if I had fought someone else on that night I would have won because I had sparred with them all and I thought I could beat them.”

Nonetheless, Gez enjoyed being part of the 18-fight occasion and raising money for Cancer Research.

He will now assess whether he could do the next eight-week training block programme scheduled by [White Collar Boxing] or whether he will come back to it at a later date.

“I’ve got to see about pre-season at Oakwood first,” said the utility player who mostly plays in defence these days but can also play as a forward. “We’ve got quite a good team and there’s competition for places.”

For now, on top of any football training, it is back to work with Oakwood FC pair Darren and Toby Tidey and Right Build, working on commercial and residential maintenance projects as either a one-off project or part of a contract.

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